The opening of TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Irvine, California, was long-awaited. Unfortunately, so too was the water in its restrooms.
Inspired by classic seafood and chop houses, the restaurant worked diligently to create an atmosphere that put customers at ease. Among its design choices were infrared-technology faucets (non-Delta® branded) that the management hoped would make handwashing a comfortable experience for patrons. Unfortunately, the faucets didn’t work according to plan. The infrared technology was unable to detect users’ hands; therefore, the faucets didn’t dispense water. Customers understandably complained. The management worked quickly to fix the problem; yet, as repair bills mounted, the restaurant spent nearly as much money trying to fix the problem as was originally spent on the faucets themselves. That’s when a regular TAPS patron suggested Delta products as a replacement.
Today, TAPS’ restrooms boast Delta gooseneck faucets with Proximity® Sensing Technology—an innovation that turns the entire faucet into a sensor that activates the flow of water automatically and dependably when patrons approach. TAPS is pleased to have faucets that couple contemporary design with water that flows as easily as the restaurant’s beer, conversation and good times.
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