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matte black1

Black is in. This fabulous finish is simultaneously goes-with-anything practical and eye-catchingly dramatic; it calls attention to itself without stealing too much of the spotlight. It’s one of our favorites and has proven to be one of your clients’ favorites, too. That’s why we are thrilled to expand its availability to the Trinsic®Ara®Compel® and Zura® Bath Collections, as well as the Esque® Kitchen Collection and on select Trinsic® kitchen faucets, the contemporary pot filler and other kitchen accessories. These updated collections provide you with greater freedom to design coordinated spaces, while also making it easier than ever for your clients to embrace the decadently dark finish.
Come to the Dark Side
Intense as a shot of espresso and as alluring as a little black dress, Matte Black makes any fixture the center of attention. Even small details will stand out, but if your client is ready to fully embrace their dark side, it is now easier than ever to pair the finish with their desired style.

Minor Details, Major Impact
Matte Black can be particularly striking in the kitchen, where its flat texture and charcoal color oppose the typical natural wood and shiny metal surfaces common in such spaces. It also jives well with the current movement in the kitchen toward more colorful or contrasting styles.

A Dramatic Scene (That Goes With Anything)
Like a pair of designer shades, Matte Black exudes a sophisticated air and goes with just about anything. With bright tones, Matte Black is undeniably modern with a strong contrast. However, it can complement traditional or transitional spaces—especially when paired opposite warm neutrals for a rustic feel akin to cast iron.

Usher in a New Style
When remodeling their kitchens, a growing number of homeowners (87%) are opting for a complete style makeover, according to the 2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. When doing so, they’re more likely to turn toward transitional (25%) or contemporary (17%) styles than modern or traditional styles. Set your clients up for culinary success with a striking pot filler and a kitchen faucet that will make cleanup simple—both now available in Matte Black.

A Little Less Shine, A Little More Warmth
One of the biggest bathroom design trends we’re seeing is homeowners’ desire to turn their master bath into the ultimate home spa. Showers are at the top of the splurge list, according to a recent U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, and freestanding tubs with beautiful, floor-mount tub fillers are also in high demand. A pendant raincan shower head with H2Okinetic® Technology or a striking tub filler, when paired with the velvety warmth of Matte Black, create an elegant centerpiece for your clients’ dream bathroom oasis.