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It is not unusual for your client to long for a luxurious and spacious bathroom. Unfortunately, most homes built before 1980 didn’t include that as a standard amenity, and not all clients have room in their budget for an addition to their bathroom. We’ve compiled a few simple tricks that can make your clients’ bathrooms feel larger and more glamorous.
A Touch of Luxury
You may not be able to tear out walls and provide your client with an extra-large bathroom, but you can add little touches of luxury that go a long way. Start with the shower. Choosing the right shower can provide the relaxation and rejuvenation your client wants. Our Emerge Shower Column requires no plumbing alterations behind the wall or in the ceiling in order to obtain a raincan shower plus hand shower experience. HydroRain® Two-in-One Shower Heads with H2Okinetic® Technology also install on a standard shower arm and offer a luxurious raincan shower experience. If a more extensive renovation is in the stars, take their shower experience to the next level with heated bathroom floors. Add a wall-hung towel warmer to really help their space feel like a spa.
Take a Walk on the Bold Side
Adding a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper—yes, it’s on the rise—or tile can also transform the room. A bold accent wall can help to define your client’s space and draw attention away from its size. A few well-placed mirrors can breathe more light into a room, making it feel more spacious and providing your client with a more functional bathroom. Recommend that your homeowners nix their shower curtain for glass sliding doors to open up the space visually instead of cutting off the line of sight with a solid wall or curtain.
Room for Décor
A well-placed shelf (or five) just might be the solution to your clients’ woes. This additional storage not only allows for décor and touches that add to the luxurious or spa-like experience, it can also free up floor and counter space. Help your homeowners consider all of the places shelving is possible: over the sink, an empty wall, a corner or even above the door—the latter being strictly for decorative purposes.
Small bathrooms can be a challenge, but with the right tricks and tools you can create the bathroom of your clients’ dreams.
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