Esteemed designer by day. Rerun captive by night (“The Six Million Dollar Man” anyone?). Judd Lord, director of industrial design for Delta Faucet Company, has never been accused of conforming to categories. His zest for life and broad appreciation of design has helped him build an enviable portfolio of kitchen and bath products. That is if we do say so ourselves. He even helped create the new Pantone hue Single Malt when he collaborated on the cross-category Elevate Design Collection earlier this year. Impressive. Recently he talked with us about what inspires him and his team.
Building inspiration
Architecture is a big influence on Judd’s designs. “I love the details of how things work within architectural elements like how cables attach to a suspension bridge or how hinges hold a certain door. I can walk passed a skyscraper and my mind is spurred to create a new handle design,” he said.
You get paid to do this?
When Judd was a kid, his dad owned a car dealership. He would try to draw his dad’s Chevy’s as realistically as he could and then add special effects inspired from movies he’d seen. “I loved forms, shapes and vehicles. I loved recreating things. I thought I wanted to design cars, but eventually I stumbled into industrial design. I never knew this type of profession even existed. I mean, you get paid to do this? I get paid to do this!” he said.
Cultivating creativity
Judd sends his designers out of the country a couple times each year. He believes design breakthrough comes from exploration of other cities. “Creative juices get flowing when all senses are heightened, and the best way to do that is to get out of your comfort zone. The language, smells and atmosphere in these cities are all different. My team goes out, experiences the cities, takes thousands of pictures, and then returns home to sketch and create new designs,” he explained. Sounds like a good gig to us. Wonder if he’s hiring?
Thank you Judd for sitting down and divulging your secrets to creative success. We look forward to your next design