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SethFritz-header Seth Fritz, the senior industrial designer behind Delta® Lahara,® Ashlyn® and Pilar® faucet collections, and his wife of 12 years have a shared passion for design. Early in the pair’s courtship, they discovered two things on which they almost always agree: furniture and home décor. One day, the duo discovered an old desk in need of restoration. It wasn’t any old desk. To hear Seth tell it, the desk was an amazing mid-century piece that became the catalyst for what is now the couple’s regular exploration of salvage yards, as they search for treasure to restore and upcycle.

“Old stuff inspires us to turn it into something new. We also have fun talking to the people who run the salvage yards. Talking to them, you learn there is always a story behind stuff,” said Seth. And a story there always is. On that note, we’ve gathered a bit of Seth’s story…

First You Should Know…
Seth is weird. We didn’t say so, he said so. “I’m a little weird. I mean I have an inner child that I thrive on. Legos are all over my desk. I have no desire to grow up. Look, being an adult is hard. I love being a kid,” he said.

He’s a Lego® Maniac.
Doodler, no. Builder, yes. Seth’s colleagues will never catch him doodling during a meeting. Playing with Legos, on the other hand, is more his thing. “I’m a 3D person, which is why I’ve always been drawn to Legos. I love where my mind goes when I play with a giant box of bricks,” he said.

There’s Method to His Madness.
So, Seth likes the ubiquitous toy of tots. We see this as a good thing, especially for an industrial designer who creates real, touchable products. In fact, he sees it as a good thing, too. Turns out Legos help keep his design philosophy always present. The philosophy? That a simple item can turn into something complex, yet remain very simple at its core.

Seth, thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. We will never look at a Lego in quite the same way.