Home Stories A to Z blogger Beth Hunter is a lot like the Mess Makers she’s been tapped to judge. Play? Create? Explore? You know Beth is game. Recently, we sat down to chat with her, and here is some of what we learned:

Catalyst for Creativity
Beth’s main goal is to curate inspiration for her readers and help them identify their own style. Her source? Nature, for sure. She also follows fellow creatives who play just outside her niche. She says their photography, cooking, food and fashion sensibilities serve as springboards for her decorating and design ideas.

A (Not So) Dark Secret
A chocolate a day keeps this designer engaged! Beth can’t remember the last time she skimped on chocolate. It’s her favorite daily treat. She says, “I just feel better about my day when chocolate is involved!” We totally agree Beth.

Paint, Paint Baby
Tiny budget? Never fear. Paint is here. Beth says new hues can breathe life into most anything. And she’s not just talking walls either. She says a little paint can work wonders on fabrics, floors and surface areas. Never underestimate the transformative power of paint.