Urbanites have a reputation for knowing what they want and going after it. This rings true in their design instincts, anyway. Thanks in part to the newfound accessibility of a broad range of well-designed home products, modern-day urban homes reflect residents’ preferences now more than ever. Yet in the midst of this quest for individual expression, a few trends in urban design are emerging.
Minimal is still a really big deal. Clients get enough clutter from their technology. They’d just assume leave their mess inside the screen. At least they can turn off their tablet. At home, they are seeking clean design that gives them room to breathe. But… and here’s the shift… they are inviting interesting pieces into their homes that make the space uniquely theirs. So minimal, but not stark.
Design is flying direct from mind to matter. New technologies really are making dreams come true. Designers are printing custom fabrics and wall coverings for clients and are even braving the new frontier of 3D printing to create interesting, tailor-made pieces. It’s a whole new world, and one that is sure to further stoke the fire for clients continuing to push toward individual style.
The design is in the details. Urbanites whose tastes lean toward minimalist design and individuality also have a strong preference for quality over quantity. It’s true. Whether working with essentials like faucets, fixtures and appliances, or the non-essential essentials like rugs and wall décor, urban interiors are a showcase for top-notch design that puts as much emphasis on form as it does function.
Colors are warming up. Pantone has given a nod to pastel pink and powder blue as this year’s colors to watch. They say the pairing is a unilateral approach to color, a commentary on the current societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity. A very urban trend indeed, and one that is likely to gain traction.
No doubt about it, cities offer a visual and vibrant commentary on emerging design trends—and this year’s movement toward minimalist with a pop is simply fun to watch.