Your clients are ready to sell their home. Though the house is in need of some repair, neither husband nor wife wants to spend money they won’t recover in the sale. They look to you for advice. What do you do?
A. Run the other way. There’s no money in modest makeovers!
B. Sell, sell and up-sell. Try to take this project straight to the bank.
C. Help your clients determine which updates will be modest yet still matter. Then hope your guidance will win you their repeat business and referrals.
The choice is obviously C. We all know that most homeowners won’t recover the full cost of a large remodeling project; yet, sprucing up a place really can help your clients sell their home faster and for more. Read on to learn what experts say matters most in renovating a home prior to putting it on the market.
Curb appeal courtesies really do count. It sounds cliché to say you never get a second chance to make a first impression—but you don’t. And neither will your clients’ home. If their front door, exterior lighting or landscaping could use a facelift, there are easy and economical ways to do so. A fresh coat of paint, a trip to the hardware store and a few new plants can work wonders. If, however, their issue is more substantial like the roof is missing shingles or the chimney is in disrepair, then they should invest in fixing the structural necessity lest homebuyers throw a lowball offer or take the house off their wish list entirely.
Mini makeovers make a major splash. Kitchen and bath remodels, though popular, are expensive. Even minor kitchen makeovers average over $20,000* and minor bath remodels cost upward of $17,000*. This is not the time for your clients to invest in such projects. They can get by with small updates like installing fashionable faucets and updated light fixtures. Shabby cabinets turn chic with a little paint and on-trend hardware. Add fresh hues to the walls and the rooms are as good as new.
Palatable paint. Speaking of color, homeowners love a palette that reflects their personalities. Homebuyers, not so much. They prefer beige and white. Neutral hues give rooms a clean sheen that helps homebuyers imagine what the home could look like once they move in. And that’s exactly what your clients are after.
These simple renovations are quick, affordable and when done with your professional know-how will help turn your clients’ home fast. That makes for happy clients who may well need your help with their next home. So next time clients seek your help with prepping their home for sale, choose C.
*Source: Remodeling’s 2016 Cost Vs Value Report