Millennials are an intriguing generation. Not only are they the largest, most diverse and most educated of any in U.S. history, they are also the first digitally native generation. These 87 million Americans are a formidable group by any measure. It’s no surprise then that Millennials are the force behind many design trends taking hold today. And because the majority of Millennials are renting not owning due to finances, smart multi-family properties are going all-in on Millennial-focused design and amenities. Here’s what we’re seeing…
Less is more.
The average U.S. apartment size may be shrinking, but the overall property experience seems to be growing. In fact, Millennials—a typically thrifty crowd—are willing to spend more on properties that offer choice, comfort and convenience. They are enticed by properties that include rooftop decks, cyber cafés and easy access to 24-hour fitness centers, among other conveniences that help them live lives of prestige and flexibility.
Common (sense) space.
Most Millennials live with at least one other person, and often do so to facilitate a lifestyle they cannot yet afford on their own. This may be one reason why desirable properties are offering more multiuse spaces. These areas are designed to adapt to tenants’ in-the-moment needs. Whether residents want to share a few social drinks with friends or need to find a hideaway where they can work on their laptops, these spaces can be arranged and rearranged by residents to accommodate a variety of scenarios.
A preference for digital features.
Having come of age alongside the internet, Millennials expect information to always be at their fingertips and for technology to be part of their everyday living. As such, high-speed internet, smart security systems and innovation-driven options are must-haves for this generation. High-tech water-delivery products, such as H2Okinetic® Showers or ShieldSpray and Touch2O® technologies, seamlessly marry innovation and beautiful design leading to an unforgettable experience.
You and me and furbaby makes three.
Pets are part of the Millennial family, and properties are recognizing that and responding positively. Not only are dog parks accessible, on-site pet spas are popping up, too. It’s a good thing luxury design elements, such as hardwood flooring and combination shower heads and hand showers are also in vogue—and makes pet cleanup that much easier.
Going all-in on Millennial-focused design may require some changes for properties, but wooing this significant set is likely to be well worth the effort.