Meet Natalia Pierce, a designer who simply can’t turn her creativity off. You’re going to love her. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Natalia owns and designs for Detail by Design—a kitchen and bathroom design firm that transforms rooms into spaces that are comfortable and enjoyable, in which her clients can truly live. She recently spoke with us about what makes her creativity tick…

Natalia is creative to the very core.
There is no shut-off valve strong enough to stop Natalia’s creativity. Whether she’s at work or play, muses are everywhere all the time. “It never shuts off. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to dinner, walking by a storefront, traveling, browsing Facebook® or Pinterest®, working with my clients, being around colleagues, whatnot. Inspiration is literally everywhere I look,” she said.

She fancies tile.
Natalia admits that while she is always tuned-in to her creativity, it’s no bother because design is something about which she is truly passionate. “I’m the type of person who gets excited about new tile. I’ll walk into a tile showroom and see something I’ve never before seen and am awestruck,” she happily admitted, while noting her unabashed enthusiasm for the new textured tile that’s come to market. “I love the use of texture on tile. It makes the tile really pop,” she said.

A decade of design has taught her a thing or two.
Natalia says there are two significant things she’s learned in her 10 years of design work: 1.) Get to know your clients; 2.) Treat your trades well. “Clients may come and go, but the trades are always with you,” she said. Sage advice.

Natalia, thank you for taking time to sit down with us at Inspired Pro. You truly are an inspired designer!