New Technologies are turning Green to Red Hot
Green building and design is red hot. In fact the National Association of Home Builders recently found an overwhelming 81% of builders and 74% of remodelers surveyed expect that a significant portion of their projects will be green by 2020. Interestingly, these folks believe that the key driver is a general association of green homes with healthier living. Makes sense to us. We’ve been studying healthy, sustainable design for years and are thrilled to see the trend become the norm. And while consumers may equate green with healthy— and they aren’t wrong—there’s no doubt that new technology is making it easier to be green. Consider these must-haves.
Feel-good water conservation. Sure it feels good to save water, but when saving water literally feels better with more warmth, more coverage and more intensity, well, you’ve got yourself a happy, green-leaning client. Delta® H2Okinetic® shower heads and hand showers do just that by controlling the speed, movement and droplet size of water to create a feeling of more water than a standard shower flowing at the same rate. The even better news? This is just one of many ways to play with water savings.
Sun-soaking shingles. Grabbing some rays is definitely one way to heat things up, but rays can also power things up, too.  Forget bulky rack-mounted systems. Solar shingles are now made to blend into the roofline and can install directly onto the roof deck during the original roof install or as a remodeling upgrade. For design-minded clients looking to go big on green, solar shingles are worth the discussion.  
Smart is the new green. Smart thermostats. Smart locks. Smart phones that turn lights on and off, controlling window shades and even alerting you to unfortunate water leaks. You know the technology for home automation is out there, but are you talking to your clients about it? If not, now is the time. Homeowners are starting to expect the conveniences home automation offers. Weave smart home amenities into your client discussions to help create a healthy, green home.