2018 has brought color to the kitchen, but traditional white and wood-toned cabinetry haven't lost their place just yet. We’ve provided the perfect faucet pairings for all of the latest kitchen cabinet trends. Whether your client’s taste is traditional, modern, or something in between, you’ll be ready to makeover their kitchen.
Daring Hues
With a plethora of options, adding color to kitchen cabinets and islands has never been easier. Both subtle colors and dramatic tones can create an equally striking kitchen design. Bold colors, such as dark plum and navy blue, are leading the way for kitchen cabinetry.

Crisp and Clean
For clients looking for a modern and clean feeling, marry white cabinets with stainless, Champagne Bronze™ or Matte Black accents. Open shelving and natural light add to the liveliness and airiness of the space. Opting for a faucet with presence helps ground the room. Match the finish to blend the colors seamlessly or select a contrasting finish to help the design pop.

Industrious Vibes
If your client is ready to commit to an industrial look for their kitchen, it’s time for wood textures, unique materials and mixed metals. Finish your customer’s industrial look with a high-arc faucet.

No matter what look your client is going for, we have a faucet and finish to complete it.