Mindfulness has journeyed beyond the yoga studio into the lifestyles of millions of Americans.
At its core, mindfulness means to be in the moment. Its practice invites people to be aware of and experience the present while it’s happening. Some designers have gone so far as to create products that bring uber-awareness to everyday activities. Think rocking chairs that generate energy for electronics.
Fortunately, mindful design doesn’t have to be so laborious; in fact, we believe it should be quite simple. Mindful remodels can be small if the changes are thoughtful. Here are a few ideas that will help your clients be more in-the-now:
Go with the flow. If you’re thinking feng shui, then you’re on the right track. Help organize your clients’ rooms so they blend with the natural rhythm of their days. This could be as simple as rearranging furniture or as complex as knocking down walls to open up a room.
Lighten up. Natural light—or light bulbs that mimic the real thing—will help boost your clients’ moods, especially during these darker days of winter. Avoid fluorescent lighting and bring in colors and textures that enhance a room’s ability to capture natural light. Give living room lights flexibility with a variety of light sources and by adding dimmers. Also, make sure workspaces like kitchens and offices are brightly lit.
Create harmony with healthy hues. Fresh paint can lift the spirit of any client. Soft blues and greens are ideal for rooms where your client goes to relax, while a calming white or gray palette is sure to add a fresh appeal. Choose brighter colors like yellow in spaces that require more energy. No matter the shade in play, incorporating fixtures that don gold tones and matte black finishes is a simple way to keep a space on-trend this year.
Opt for ecotherapy. Studies show that a connection to nature can boost a person’s energy and even ease depression. It should be top-of-mind in mindful design. A wall of windows could do wonders for a client who seeks more peace in their day. In lieu of knocking holes in the exterior wall, gestures as small as incorporating natural objects, nature paintings or even living wall planters into the décor can make a positive difference.
Delight all the senses. Create space that includes music for the ears, a book nook for the mind and plush pillows for the touch. Soothing several senses all at once will help your client unwind and be present in their newly-mindful home.
Mindful design may be the catchphrase of the moment, but the principles are here to stay.