When designing or remodeling a kitchen, today’s homeowners want pro-caliber amenities fit for a gourmet chef, regardless of their own culinary interests. Stainless steel appliances, heavy-duty range hoods, convection ovens and pot fillers are prime examples of how professional elements are being incorporated into residential kitchens. Show your clients how an elegant pot filler can take their kitchen to the next level.
Make a statement. Like faucets, pot fillers can be both beautiful and functional, adding an element of style to an area that used to be bare. Our Traditional Wall-Mount Pot Filler
flows seamlessly with a variety of finishes and design styles, offering multiple ways to incorporate this luxurious upgrade into your clients’ homes.
Simplify cooking. Pot fillers can save your clients a lot of time in the kitchen and make cooking more enjoyable. Gone are the days of having to carry pots back and forth from the sink to the stove. If the sink is already being used to prep food or wash dishes, pot fillers make it easy to soak dirty pots while they are still on the stove.
More than just for cooking. Not only are pot fillers great for larger pots that won’t fit in the sink, they are handy for filling coffee pots or tea kettles, adding water to a blender, and filling vases for fresh flowers. In a busy kitchen with multiple cooks vying for sink space, a second water source can be a lifesaver.
Increase the home’s value. Updating a kitchen is one of the surest ways to add value to a home and often bring the biggest return on investment. In particular, features that add convenience are at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. While it may seem like a small addition, pot fillers can have a big impact on a home’s value.