It’s no secret we live in a transient society. Be it for work or for play, Americans always seem to be on the move. No matter the reason, there are a few truths every transplant comes to learn:
  1. Moving is a mess.
  2. New state. New driver’s license.
  3. Guests will come.
Homeowners must sort the first two out for themselves. That third truth, however, often requires the help of a professional. Psychiatrist? Possibly. Remodeler? Definitely.
So, how can a remodeler help a client prepare for their inevitable guests? The ways are endless. Anything from organizing a guestroom closet to building an in-law suite will help your client play a better host to visitors. Read on for a few expert-vetted tips on how to make sure your client’s home is properly prepped for guests.
Privacy please. First and foremost, give houseguests private access to their own bathroom. Do whatever you can to make a direct and private connection between a guestroom and its bathroom. If that means cutting a new door or adding a wall, so be it.
Guests and gadgets go hand in hand. A well-designed guestroom in this 21st century must include shelving and outlets for easy storage and charging of devices. Most visitors will also appreciate a room with a high-definition TV that offers cable, Netflix and more, so they can enjoy downtime with their favorite flick. Truth be told, most hosts come to appreciate this convenience as well.
Bringing panache to the bath. A luxurious bath experience makes anyone feel at home. Why not extend this option to your guests? Whether it’s a raincan shower experience, adjustable body sprays or a rejuvenating soak in a free-standing tub, it’s sure to please.
Park it. Unless your client intends to be her guests’ wheels for now and evermore, the driveway needs to fit an extra set. A little bump out on the existing driveway may be all the home needs, or perhaps expanding the garage is in order. Regardless, extra space for guest parking goes a long way to help folks feel at home.
Light the night. If guests will be parking outside of the garage or coming and going at night, then your client should add exterior lighting to help guide them from car to front door. It’s a practical update that will enhance the home’s exterior to boot.
Then dim it down. Once safely inside their rooms, give guests full control over their lighting. In other words, dress windows in a way that allows them to block out the sun’s rays so they can sleep in or nap at leisure. Also, incorporate several sources of lighting so visitors may read, groom or whatnot in their preferred shade of bright.
People move. Then, their people visit. It’s a basic truth. Help your client manage it well by properly prepping her home for guests.