Riding Out the Remodeling Process
Riding Out the Remodeling Process

Renovations are emotional journeys with ups and downs teetering throughout the process. It’s best you come prepared. Since you often serve as both contractor and counselor, your ability to navigate the remodeling waters with a level head is critical. So grab your tool belt and pull up a chaise lounge because your remodeling journey is about to begin.


Phase 1: Ready to Roll

The decision to renovate can be very personal. Your homeowners may feel the space in question is out of line with their tastes or needs and are emotionally invested in making a design change. Before your clients dive headfirst into the remodeling waters, however, set practical budget expectations…before their emotions get caught up in the renovation wave.


Phase 2: Dream Big

As much as your homeowners want to remodel, they may not know how to achieve it. Encourage them to dream big and use designer showrooms, Houzz.com, and even favorite hotels and cafes as inspiration. Really listen to their dreams unfold because you will be soon making them a reality.


Phase 3: Shop ‘Til You Drop

While dreaming is bliss, shopping can be stressful. Take the reins and help connect your clients’ visions with choices. Preselect pieces that work well together and are within budget. Then help them make decisions that are affordable, reflect their dreams and can stand the test of time.


Phase 4: Under Construction

Material and design decisions may be set, but the actual remodeling is just beginning, and it can feel like the point of no return to your clients. Did they make the right decisions? Are the contractors going to finish what they’ve started? Your customers may feel vulnerable during this time of upheaval and transition. Keeping them informed on progress helps put them more at ease.


Phase 5: The Remodeling Resolution

No more scheming. No more shopping. No more hammers. The project is complete, and it’s time the homeowners get reacquainted with the newly remodeled space. As for you, feel free to kick back on that chaise lounge. Job well done.