Your job as a trade professional requires the use of many “hats”—designer, mind reader, sounding board, to name a few—some of which are easier to wear than others. With the help of the latest Houzz study, we’ve unearthed a few things your clients want you to know walking in the door, including their “Urge to Purge.”
As you to bring new ideas into the house—new fixtures, faucets, tiles, textures, etc.—it’s important to offer options that help keep countertops neat, surfaces clean and still provide the ideal look, feel and finish homeowners want for their dream space.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
AddisonPullDownKitchen Faucet-urge.jpg

Addison™ Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in Champagne Bronze™ with coordinating soap dispenser

According to the 2018 U.S Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, a majority of homeowners say they are obsessed with decluttering kitchen surfaces (75%) and putting things away (66%). Built-in spice racks, knife blocks and wine racks are increasingly popular ways for homeowners to address unwanted clutter. Another way to help your clients achieve this goal is by pairing a built-in soap dispenser in the same style and finish as their faucet. Not only do built-in soap dispensers help declutter, they add convenience by allowing homeowners to easily pump out hand or dish soap as they perform common kitchen tasks.

Spotless Surfaces
Esque® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with ShieldSpray® and Touch2O® technologies

Disinfecting counters was a top priority of 34% of respondents to the Houzz survey, so professionals looking to stand out should come prepared with strategies that will make it a breeze to keep the kitchen clean.
Consider a kitchen faucet with our ShieldSpray® Technology, which cleans dishes with laser-like precision, while containing mess and splatter. A concentrated jet within a protective sphere of water powers away stubborn messes with an average of 90% less splatter than a standard spray—meaning less mess for your clients on nearby countertops (and clothing), as well as less time soaking and scrubbing dishes.

Another innovation that can help keep a kitchen glistening is our Touch20® Technology. Homeowners can operate their faucet with a simple touch so their messy hands don’t dirty that shiny new faucet.

Pro-Caliber Convenience

Contemporary Wall-Mount Pot Filler in Matte Black

Amenities that add convenience to the kitchen are in high-demand right now. Pot fillers are a prime example of how you can save your clients a lot of time in the kitchen, while making cooking more enjoyable. These professional-grade fixtures eliminate the need to carry water-filled pots from the sink to the stove. They also free up valuable sink space and contribute to an overall less-cluttered kitchen.
There’s no question decluttering is en vogue in today’s kitchens. Thankfully many product innovations are aimed squarely at helping homeowners eliminate unnecessary mess from their dream kitchens, while still offering design-forward and multiple finish solutions that make the space more stylish than ever.