A report by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (or RICKI for short) recently crossed our in-boxes and it revealed some telling trends about kitchen islands.  The organization asked 1,000 U.S. homeowners a single question: “Whether you now have a kitchen island or not, which of these would be most important to have in a kitchen island? Check the top three.” RICKI then listed nine potential answers. Here’s what they found:
1. A whopping 70% wanted an island that affords their kitchen more storage.
2. Nearly half—49% to be exact—believed having the ability to seat family and friends around the island was a must.
3 & 4. The third and fourth most popular requests were that the kitchen island include a pull-out trash bin (36%) as well as a sink and faucet (35%).
5. Finally, one in five said a cooktop would be an excellent idea for their kitchen island.
We’ve seen a rise in these kitchen trends as well, especially homeowners’ desire for more storage and better ways to entertain. More and more requests for smart kitchen features that make cooking and cleanup easier—think tap-activated and functional pull-down faucets—have been rolling in as of late. Designers also tell us that adding prep space with easy access to sinks is a new must-have amenity for kitchen islands. The parallels between our experience and the RICKI report indeed tell a story of the coveted kitchen island. Say “aloha” to these new trends.