Seniors With Staying Power
Seniors With Staying Power

According to this year’s Houzz and Home study, over half of homeowners with household members age 60-plus plan to stay in their residence for-ev-er. This finding echoes last year’s study and solidifies that aging in place is not simply trendy, it’s here to stay. So, what does this mean for your business? Simply put: It’s time to get on board—there’s work to be done!

Survey Says…

Notably, the report reveals that one in five at-home seniors who intend to stay at home remodeled their kitchen last year, and 60% made upgrades with aging in mind. The top kitchen projects? Reconfiguring the kitchen’s layout, followed by installation of easy-to-operate faucets and easy-to-open appliances.

Bathrooms were another priority for this age group. In fact, the same survey revealed 25% of the stay-in-place seniors surveyed remodeled a bathroom in 2014. The number one answer? Installing raised toilets, followed by the addition of grab bars and easy-to-access shower stalls.

Resourceful Remodeling

While aging in place is a concept most everyone is familiar with, seeing these Houzz and Home numbers is illuminating. If you haven’t already gotten the call to remodel a space for a senior, it is likely just a matter of time before your tapped for this exact job. And when you are, remember this:

While common features of universal design include no-step entries, wide doorways and hallways, extra floor space, non-slip and easy-care surfaces, as well as the ever-important grab bars, it is also important to recognize that, just like every home presents its own unique challenges, all seniors do not age the same way.  Remodeling for universal design requires investigation into the occupants’ health and physical needs, as well as a thorough understanding of how the house is used.

Remodeling with a long-term perspective can be a challenge, but, when done well, can do so much good for those stay-in-place seniors. And staying put is just what they intend to do.