If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the kitchen sink is surely its main artery. So, what’s the pulse on sinks this year? Here’s what we’re seeing:
Sinks can now multi-task. Multifunctional sinks that make prepping, cooking and cleaning easier, make for a happy home. These sinks integrate accessories like cutting boards, colanders, knife blocks, food scales and more to save your clients’ time and sanity. We think this trend is here to stay.
Apron sinks are going contemporary. Apron sinks are not new by any means. This hardworking set has been a focal point in many kitchens for generations. What is new, however, is the contemporary spin manufacturers are putting on their design: clean lines, modern materials, attached backsplashes. These new takes on a classic are becoming more prevalent.
Second sinks are a priority for prep. Adding a prep sink to the kitchen can vastly improve the flow of work and play in this high-traffic space. Prep sinks offer a convenient source of water that can help divert guests away from the cooking area, while keeping them close enough for conversation. These sinks can even be a handy space for concocting a quick beverage and making post-prep cleanup a snap. The bottom line: prep sinks are a definite do.
Some like it trough. When your clients call their families and friends to the “trough,” they can speak literally thanks to this budding trend. Trough sinks are being used in kitchen islands to make a statement, especially by those clients who like to entertain. These long and narrow sinks make water basin access a cinch, plus they are a great way to keep treats and beverages on ice and accessible.
Clients are courting quartz. Quartz has been a supremely popular material for kitchen counters and, according to NKBA’s latest research, has overtaken granite as MOST popular. Now it’s now making its way to the kitchen sink. Many clients find it appealing to use the same quartz material for both counter and sink. We don’t blame them. The streamlined look works quite well, especially in a contemporary space.
While designs are continually evolving in the kitchen, these few happening sink trends may make your clients’ hearts skip a beat or two.