The days of summer’s beloved backyard living are numbered. It’s time you pack your clients up and move them back indoors. Some clients may be in denial about it. We get it. Who doesn’t love being in fresh air and open space? Fortunately, you can help. A few minor renovations may be the best trick for making indoor living feel like a treat again. Here are a handful of can-do suggestions. Spoiler: They have everything to do with storage and creating space.
Stow stow stow away... The latest Houzz & Home study finds inadequate storage to be the #1 reason homeowners remodel their laundry rooms and closets. It’s no wonder really. The seemingly benign hassles of hiding away summer beach towels, figuring out what to do with new fall boots and generally organizing stuff amassed over the summer and back-to-school seasons can add up to big clutter and even bigger headaches. Give your clients a hand by adding clever storage to these rooms. Think open shelves above doors and laundry machines, pretty beneath-bed bins, and closet makeovers that can tame any boot collection.
Off the nook… Cozy nooks can be just what the doctor ordered on dreary days when everyone is home, and all your client wants is a little time alone. Add a window seat to her master bedroom, a fireplace to the office or create custom bookshelves for her favorite room where she can display all her favorite things. She will be ever so grateful.
Mudroom magic…Perhaps the biggest challenge each fall brings is figuring out what to do with the onslaught of mittens, scarfs and general stuff that comes each fall. Help your clients manage the mudroom or entryway with meaningful updates. Create a come-and-go landing site where each family member can store his or her own belongings. No more “Mom, where’s my backpack?” or “Hon, where’s my scarf?” because it’s right where it’s supposed to be in the new cubby organizer by the door. And don’t forget to include hearty throw rugs or easy-clean flooring that can take a cold-weather beating.
These simple updates can make a big difference in your clients’ daily lives, and they will have you to thank.