The bath is back. Not that it went anywhere mind you, but have you seen the tub scene lately? Of course you have. While the shower may still be king for getting clean, designers nationwide say they are seeing an uptick in bathtub sales and expect the interest to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. The demand is surely owed in part to the exceptional artistry that is going into new tubs. Soak your clients’ eyes on one of these sensational soakers and see if you don’t make a bathtub believer out of them.
The Super Soaker. A little shorter. A little deeper. A lot relaxing. These tempting tubs are the go-to in bathroom design thanks to the many and alluring designs. The once wondrous whirlpool can’t hold a candle next to these sensational soakers.
The Japanese Soaker. The crème de la crème of soakers, Japanese tubs are much, much deeper than the American tub so your clients can fully submerge themselves in the relaxing warmth of fresh water. These soakers are also shorter than most tubs, allowing you greater design flexibility in the bathroom aesthetic. Want more to love? Many are made of wood or stainless steel for a new twist on the tub.
The Clawfoot. Whether your clients prefer a single-slipper or double-slipper experience, the clawfoot freestanding tub is a classic bath that will never go out of style. They are simply stunning, and new freestanding tub fillers make them more beautiful and more functional than ever.
The Alcove. Clients can stow their souls away from chaos that ensues beyond the bath when they suds up within the safety of three walls. Traditionally these tubs have been part of the everyday shower, but lately they are separated from the shower to give soakers more storage and sanctity.
Just writing about these beautiful baths makes us want to take a plunge in one. Don’t you?