You are a remodeling pro. A remodeling genius! But, let’s talk about marketing. Does your genius shine here too? Marketing is an essential part of any successful business, especially a small business. You want potential clients to know about your aptitude for remodeling, right? Then think marketing plan. It’s easier than you may think. In fact, there are just three things you need to know as you dive into your marketing strategy: your goals, your audience, your budget. Read on:
Know your goals. Don’t even think about that big, beautiful billboard or savvy social campaign until you define your marketing objectives. Do you want to generate new leads? Build brand awareness? Close sales? Know what you want to achieve. Define it. Commit to it. Without goals, your brilliant marketing ideas will be for naught.
Know your audience. Obvious, yes, but don’t be fooled into under thinking this one. It’s easy to lose sight of your audience when sorting through the many, many, many marketing tactics available to you. Do you want to target homeowners or homebuyers? Do you want to market within a specific neighborhood? City? Region? Or do your services stretch even further? Honing in on your actual demographic will save you time and money.
Know your budget. We get that money is fun to bring in, less fun to dole out. Yet, as the old adage goes: it takes money to make money. And that means marketing. By allocating specific dollars to marketing and creating a plan, you will keep yourself from spending money haphazardly. What does a typical budget look like? According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses with revenues under $5 million should allocate 7 – 8% of their revenues to marketing. This includes websites, sales collateral, advertising and the like.
See? It’s not so hard. Once you determine your goals, audience and budget, the real fun begins. Stay tuned for practical tactical tips in our next edition of Inspired Pro.