When you hear the term “energy crisis,” you likely think of an overconsumption of electricity. Well, Remodeling magazine reported on an energy crisis of another sort. They said an overwhelming 74% of 150,000 people in a recent audit confessed to being in a personal energy crisis. Though it was news to us, we can’t say we were all that surprised. According to The Energy Project, the finding reveals that people are working more hours, spending more time outside of work tethered to digital devices, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritize. You may be experiencing this energy crisis yourself. How can you mitigate it? Take time for you as a person and give the same to your employees.
We point to a related article in which The Energy Project CEO Tony Schwartz said that the old way of increasing an employee’s capacity was to have him or her devote more time to it. While working more hours sounds like the answer, the reality is there is only so much time to give. He argues that to drive productivity and improve the bottom line, employees (and you of course) need a hefty source of internal fuel. This includes storing up reserves of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. When a person’s tank is full, they do better work faster. Or, as Schwartz said, “You want sprinters. When they’re focused, they’re really working. When they’re resting, they’re really resting. They’re not in the gray area.”
With so many people reporting to be in the midst of a personal energy crisis, now may be a good time to refuel your and your employees’ tanks.