The Path to Peace is Through the Master Bath
The Path to Peace is Through the Master Bath

As a smart remodeler, you know that a home must accommodate the entire family, one way or the other. Legos may be an unavoidable part of your clients’ home, as well as grandma’s perilous piles of coupons. Rover’s doggy dish is an unavoidable mess. Your job is to help create calm in the midst of such chaos. The best place to start? The master bath. It is the one room in the house that truly, luxuriously belongs to your clients alone.

It is no surprise then that some of the hottest trends appeal to these homeowners who seek a place of refuge. For instance, tubs for two, showers for two, and sinks for two are on trend in a big way. In fact, the size of shower stalls in many homes grew by 50 percent in recent remodels according to Houzz. This purchasing pattern hints at your clients’ very real need to find some personal space in the one room they can call their own.

Designers are helping to enhance this indulgent shower experience by specifying rain showerheads and body sprays. Lighting, too, can contribute to the serene experience. A chandelier for glamour or skylights and solar tubes for natural light can add so much to the ambiance.

No doubt you have of late specified freestanding tubs, built for one or two. These are a fast-rising focal point of luxurious master bath quarters. Ideal for toddlers to climb in and out of? Not so much. Perfect for parents in need of peace? You bet. And new designs for freestanding fillers are more than fabulous. You and your client will have fun just browsing.

A perfectly redesigned master bath may well be the best way for you to set your clients on a path to peace. And happy clients, of course, may well be the best path to your own peace. And that is true serenity.