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Zura Tub Filler

Bathtubs used to be considered necessities with limited designs and almost zero versatility. Today, however, freestanding tubs are making a splash in the master bath. If your client opts for one of these beautiful tubs, they will need your help in pairing the perfect tub with the perfect tub filler to complement their look and make their bathing dreams come true. To make things easier for you and your clients, we’ve compiled a list of our collections that offer freestanding tub fillers—so you can make side-by-side comparisons.
Ara® Collection
Influenced by the angular silhouettes featured on modern residential architecture, the Ara collection’s freestanding tub filler boasts crisp, rectangular design with a slim profile. This angular, modern look appeals to those looking for universal style and refined functionality.


Zura® Collection
The Zura Bath Collection delivers a precise marriage of rounded, rectangular and triangular elements. The geometric shapes effortlessly blend together, creating a collection that is every bit as contemporary and sophisticated as it is innovative. For clients looking for design that is both modern and urban, this is the tub filler for them.

Zura Bathroom tub

Tesla® Collection
Inspired by unique, gently curved, organic shapes found in nature the Tesla collection goes beyond expectations by lending a spirited sense of the outdoors to any interior. Providing a fresh take on modern design, the collection is not simply sleek or minimalistic—it’s progressive and evolved.

Tesla Bathroom Tub

Pivotal™ Collection
The Pivotal Bath Collection makes a striking addition to a bathroom’s contemporary geometry. Designed with a global appeal in mind, the collection—including the wall-mounted tub filler—was inspired by the diversity of lines and curves found through the architecture of multiple cosmopolitan cities like Basel, Tokyo, Brasilia, NYC and London.

Pivotal Bathroom Tub

Contemporary® Collection
With the sleek elegance of modern European design, the Contemporary freestanding tub filler can complete the look of any bath, from classic to rustic. Its sophistication infuses both style and functionality. Based on the natural geometric shapes that are defined in our Trinsic® Bath Collection, this faucet design blends features from both contemporary and transitional styles.

Contempory Bathroom

Delta® Traditional
Try our traditional freestanding tub filler for clients who are looking to keep their master bathroom classic. It comes in five finishes, ensuring it will seamlessly integrate into any bathroom, whether that means matching perfectly or adding a nice contrast.