The Rise of the Prep Kitchen
The Rise of the Prep Kitchen

The 1950s. Such an idyllic time. Mom could always be found buzzing away in the kitchen as she cooked, cleaned, entertained, helped with homework, and generally ran the house. So much to do in the cozy (read: small) kitchen. What would this happy homemaker have to say about the modern-day rise of the prep kitchen? Our guess is she’d make a beeline for the year 2016.

Much like the 1950s, the kitchen remains the heart of the home and is where homeowners socialize with guests and one another. Today, they just don’t have to enjoy each other’s company in the midst of mess thanks to this “hidden” design trend.

The prep kitchen, of course, is the place where 21st century homemakers conduct pre-cooking and post-dining duties. Hidden from the main gathering place, they can dive arm deep into meatballs, chop veggies with abandon, and sneak a bite of cookie dough without having to share. As practical as the 1950s kitchen aimed to be, it is nowhere near as practical as having a private place to prep. It is a sanity-saver for those who entertain a lot, have large families or run a multigenerational household.

You can help make your clients’ prep kitchen truly functional by first talking with them about how they want to use the space. Discuss appliance, storage and workspace needs. Typical prep areas include an oversize sink, a second dishwasher and lots of cabinet and countertop space. Warming drawers can also be beneficial as they keep food warm while the cook finishes up other tasks. Most importantly, the design of most prep centers mirrors that of the main kitchen in terms of color palette, faucet fixtures, flooring and the like.

Sure, nostalgia makes us think the 1950s was idyllic, but having a modern prep kitchen is ideal.