Respected Editorial Director Makes Strong Statement about Women in Residential Construction
How many children grow up wanting to be doctors, lawyers and teachers? We’d be willing to bet that number far surpasses those that grow up wanting to have a career in the construction industry. We’d go so far as to say that the number of females wanting to work in construction is far fewer. But there’s a shift happening.
Women in construction are taking the industry by force. So much so, that editorial leadership, Denise Dersin of Professional Builder and Erika Taylor of Professional Remodeler magazines recently hosted their third annual conference—Women in Residential Construction (WIRC)—for them in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Denise Dersin, editorial director of Professional Builder said it was not only the best-attended event yet, but it also had the greatest energy and content to date. “WIRC is not only boosting the industry, but also helping women advance in their careers.”
The one-of-a-kind event welcomed around 150 female executives and managers from top firms. Specifically, WIRC is a place where attendees can network and share ideas to gain new knowledge, inspiration and confidence. Speakers gave candid presentations, sharing intimate stories of what they’ve learned in the business, while providing relevant insight on how to achieve personal goals in the current market.
“The energy in the room was palpable,” said Mary Ahlbrand, channel manager, Delta® Brand. “When highly accomplished women connect and learn from each other, the result is unstoppable. WIRC is helping women not only move forward and make connections, but is bringing light to the role of females in construction.”
In addition, it’s no secret that women serve as the primary decision makers in the home, and the influx of females in the industry is helping builders address their core consumer group. Not to mention demonstrating to young girls and women that this is an opportunistic option as a career choice.
“This group of women and this type of event are empowering and are making a difference,” added Dersin. “Women are CEOs, senior managers and site superintendents. And they feel more heard and acknowledged by their male counterparts than ever before, in all aspects of the business.”
With all of the progress being made, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Industry challenges won’t be solved overnight, so it’s important to support trade schools, get involved, and make young girls and women aware of the opportunities within residential construction. To learn more, click here