Exceptional showrooms can inspire even the most design-challenged of clients. Nothing breathes life into concepts or casts light on hues, quite like viewing products in their natural settings. Recently we asked a couple of our favorite showroom gurus how to create truly show-stopping showrooms. Here’s what they had to say:
Woo ’em in.
Michelle Henderson, showroom manager for Banner Plumbing Supply in Chicago,
is convinced the main reason people visit her showroom is the outstanding customer service they receive. “When priced the same, people will come where they are treated the way they deserve to be treated,” she said. Truly, it’s hard to argue with good service.
Get touchy feely.
Melissa Rasico, showroom manager for Aurora Winnelson Bath and Kitchen Idea Center of Aurora, Colorado, is a fan of interactive space. “I believe a timeless and interactive showroom is a wonderful place to show clients what is going to be relevant long-term. Interactive spaces in which we can move faucets to different sinks, for instance, really gives clients the opportunity to explore looks,” she said.
Less really can be more.
Exceptional showrooms help customers visualize what a product will look like in their homes—and to do it right, Michelle is of the mind that less is more. “When I design a showroom, I want to create an open, museum-like space so people can appreciate the products for what they are. I have a good sampling of products and finishes but avoid clutter in favor of a more uniform look,” she said.
Just say no to pigeonhole.
“I feel like pigeonholing clients into a category or style is happening all over. Recently a client told me she was ‘very modern,’ but she ended up leaving my showroom after selecting a transitional and timeless look that we paired with a more traditional finish. She decided the style should be minimalist and the color more old-fashioned. The end result was superb and unique!” said Melissa. We couldn’t agree more. Anymore, anything goes.
Thank you Michelle and Melissa for your show-stopping advice.