H2Okinetic® Slide Bar Hand Shower, HydraChoice® Body Sprays, H2Okinetic Shower, 6-Setting Diverter and Pivotal Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet

No longer just a place for getting clean, today’s showers are breaking away from the typical tub/shower combo to become something more. A growing number of homeowners are looking to designers to create personal sanctuaries centered around relaxation and wellness. Aromatherapy, mood lighting, music and other innovative ways to experience water have all made their way into the shower discussion—and are likely to be on your client’s mind when building or remodeling.

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Wide-Open Spaces
According to the most recent U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, a surprising one in 10 master bathrooms is now the same size or larger than the master bedroom. Often, a larger footprint is desirable to accommodate the growing move away from traditional tub/shower combos toward beautiful stand-alone tubs, and expansive custom showers that incorporate multiple shower heads, body sprays and hand showers.
“In both new builds and remodels, we are seeing larger, open-concept shower spaces with available dry spaces for individuals to step out of the water to lather or shave while enjoying time in a spacious setting,” says Bridget Hatter, product manager of Delta® showering.

H2Okinetic® Pendant Raincan Shower Head with LED Light; Dorval™ Widespread Bathroom Faucet in Champagne Bronze / Porcelain finish

Unexpected Design Details
The Houzz study reveals that 57% of remodeling homeowners choose to incorporate a raincan shower in their project. This presents a prime opportunity to add a touch of unexpected drama to your client’s shower by adding a pendant raincan shower head with LED lighting. New options from the Delta® brand, available in both contemporary and traditional styles, feature water-powered LED accent lights combined with H2Okinetic Technology to set the mood for a soothing shower experience and create a statement piece for your clients’ shower escape.
Another way to create unexpected elegance in your client’s bath is through the addition of nontraditional materials or textures. Something as simple as a teak bench or a brushed gold faucet with porcelain-accented handles evokes emotion and adds an upscale, and sometimes unexpected, element to a space.

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Bright, Contemporary Aesthetic
The key to creating a truly relaxing shower refuge is to design with experience and emotion in mind. Think lots of natural light, plenty of mirrors and glass shower doors or partitions (if there are any partitions at all). Such a clean, minimalist vibe eliminates distractions and contributes to quiet, relaxing bliss. Neutral, earthy color palettes also add serenity to the space.
When it comes to fixtures, Chrome and Brushed Nickel remain highly popular, yet a growing number of homeowners are eager to embrace a bolder style. Matte Black, for example, adds drama and elegance—and it’s becoming available on a wider variety of bath products.

Cassidy™ Widespread Bathroom Faucet, H2Okinetic® Slide Bar Hand Shower, Cassidy Towel Ring, H2Okinetic Raincan Shower Head, HydraChoice® Body Sprays, and 3-Setting Integrated Diverter

Human-Inspired Technology
Water has the power to transform the way people feel every day, and this experience is central to creating a custom shower refuge for your client. Innovations such as H2Okinetic showers—which create the feeling of more water without using more, by controlling the speed, movement and droplet size of the water—were developed by observing how people utilize their bathrooms every day. Not only does this innovation provide a more rejuvenating shower experience, it also addresses growing concerns over water conservation and appeals to environmentally-minded homeowners.
Other examples of human-inspired shower innovations include In2ition® two-in-one shower heads and ActivTouch® hand showers. In2ition showers feature a combination head and hand shower that can either be used together or separately, offering your client maximum flexibility in their shower experience. It’s also an excellent solution for washing kids, pets, or the shower itself. ActivTouch hand showers offer one-handed activation of up to nine shower spray settings—a significant benefit for client who require an easier grip.
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Utility and Comfort for All
Designing a custom shower for a multigenerational family, or for clients planning to stay in their homes as they age, presents an interesting challenge as it must be suited to a wide range of ages and abilities. The concept of Universal Design—that spaces should be usable by everyone from toddlers to grandparents—is a growing influence in modern bathroom and shower design. According to the Houzz study, 56% of baby boomers are taking steps to address future aging needs when renovating their bathrooms.
When designing a custom shower that takes these needs into account, design pros have a number of stylish options that ensure utility without sacrificing style. Decorative grab bars and shower seats provide necessary supports, while hand showers provide greater options for showering from a seated position. Zero-threshold entries, as well, fit perfectly within the modern minimalist style while simultaneously making the shower more accessible.
“The most popular amenities for the bathroom emphasize safety and comfort: comfort heights, shower seats, lighting in showers and no-threshold showers,” says Peggy Gallagher, Delta® senior product manager for trade bath.
With so many options for customizing the ideal shower escape for your clients, it’s important to gain a firm understanding of exactly what they want out of their custom shower. Resources such as the Delta® Custom Shower Guide can help guide you and your client through these important discussions.