TIP #1: Establish an Objective

First and foremost, establish an objective—without one, it’s nearly impossible to measure the success of the event. A clearly defined objective guides you in your decision making and ultimately helps bring to life a memorable and enjoyable event for your attendees.

TIP #2: It’s All About the Experience

Don’t be solely focused on the event; widen your definition of experience to encompass every step in the process for the attendees. Seright explains, “A customer’s experience far exceeds the event; it’s much larger. Roll out the red carpet for your customers from the initial invitation to their transportation after the event.”

TIP #3: Know Your Budget

Your budget will define a multitude of items related to your event, such as location, entertainment, menu and bar options, etc. Be creative with the dollars you have. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

TIP #4: Securing a Date

When selecting an event date, check calendars for national holidays and observances, and stay in close contact with key company personnel you want to attend the event. Put the date on calendars as early as possible and ensure team members understand when their participation is required.

The second thing to keep in mind: Weather. Travel can be treacherous and weather can cause delays, cancellations and traffic jams. Allow time for your commuters to arrive and always have a backup plan.

Looking for more tips from our Delta expert? We will feature another handful of event-planning tips from Seright in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!