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When taking on bathroom renovations, homeowners are increasingly likely to completely reimagine the space. According to the most recent U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, a large majority of homeowners replace major features such as showers and vanities, while nearly half change their bathroom’s layout entirely. Whether to add resale value, anticipate aging needs, or just create a relaxing space they’ll love to escape to at the end of a busy day, here are five trends that will influence bathroom design in the year ahead.

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The Master Bath as Personal Spa Retreat
One of the biggest trends in bathroom design is a desire among homeowners to create luxurious, spa-inspired spaces that can serve as a personal escape from their busy lives. More often than not, this involves altering the layout of the space and even expanding its footprint—this Houzz study reveals that a surprising one in 10 master bathrooms is now the same size or larger than the master bedroom. The study also reports that 30% of homeowners felt their bathrooms were too small for their needs.
Along with this trend is the growing popularity of stunning freestanding tubs that serve as focal points of the room. Add serenity to your client’s master bath retreat by adding a striking tub filler. Enhance the shower space with H2Okinetic® Technology, which creates the feeling of more water without using more.

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Custom Shower Refuge
While freestanding tubs are a popular respite for some clients, many others are opting to remove the tub entirely, replacing it with an expansive custom shower. Doing so gives them an opportunity to make a space perfectly tailored to their needs.
A custom shower can mean a lot of different things to different people—from an elegant yet efficient spot to jump-start the day, to an indulgent oasis for escaping stress and daily demands. HydraChoice® body sprays, LED pendant raincan shower heads and multi-setting hand showers offer myriad combinations to create an immersive shower experience. Resources such as the Delta® Custom Shower Guide can help you and your clients navigate all of the options available and design a custom shower space they’ll love for years to come.

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Style Makeover
More than four in five renovating homeowners opt to change the style of their master bathroom, according to Houzz—and contemporary styles remain the most popular. Large format tiles are gaining in popularity, since fewer grout lines create a cleaner look that works perfectly with the spa aesthetic. Pairing different tile patterns or materials is another way to create visual interest and divide expansive master baths. Wood elements, for example, can add natural warmth when set again cooler-hued tiles.
Homeowners are also gravitating toward bold finishes like Matte Black or a brushed gold like Champagne Bronze™ for bathroom fixtures—an easy way to add drama to any space. They’re also more willing to mix metals. Some products, like the Zura® Single Handle Bathroom Faucet, capitalize on both trends by combining the depth of Matte Black with the luster of Chrome or Champagne Bronze for an eye-catching look.

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Big Style in Small Places
While more homeowners are looking to expand their master baths, they’re using smaller bathrooms and powder rooms as laboratories for experimenting with bold new looks. Expressive patterns and colors that might overwhelm in a larger space are perfectly at home in these smaller spaces and can even make them seem larger. A little lavatory is also a great opportunity for your clients to try a new finish, such as the warm and sophisticated Champagne Bronze.
Outside of stylistic elements, it’s important to make every inch count in a smaller lavatory. Floating vanities and creative storage solutions are just a few ways you can help your clients design a small bathroom that’s big on style.

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Designing for the Years Ahead
Another growing trend is homeowners adding features to their bathrooms that will help accommodate their needs as they get older. It’s no question more people are choosing to age in place—an AARP study revealed that three out of four people age 50 and older want to stay in their own homes as they age.
To ensure they are able to stay in their homes well into their golden years, the majority of baby boomers (56%) are addressing current or future needs when taking on master bathroom renovations, according to the Houzz study. Even for younger clients, safety has become a focal point when designing large showers. This includes a movement toward barrier-free and zero-threshold entries and the inclusion of features like hand showers, shower seats and grab bars.
Fortunately there are many stylish products, like touch-activated faucets or tissue holders that double as assist bars, that ensure these features contribute to the overall vibe of the space rather than detract from it.