Sometimes webinars really get it right. That’s how we feel about a 2016 design trend webinar created by interior design software provider 2020. The hour-long slideshow offers a genuinely thought-provoking study on this year’s trends and where they are headed. While updating viewers on the company’s newest software, it offers practical insights gleaned from cross-comparing trend surveys issued by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), Houzz and HGTV. The commentary offered helps participants see not just what’s hot now in design, but helps inform showroom investment as well. Here are a few takeaways we thought particularly noteworthy:
Trade sees Traditional light fading.
Traditional style, which has been the go-to for years, now plays second fiddle to Transitional style. Okay, not news. What is interesting, however, is 51% of designers surveyed by the NKBA believe Transitional will continue to gain traction, while only 9% anticipate Traditional to do so. 53%, however, expect demand for the third most popular style—Contemporary—to rise, which leads us to believe Contemporary will be next year’s #2.
Homeowners want a less Traditional choice, too.
According to Houzz, kitchens that consumers identified as having no style or a Traditional look were the #1 and #2 (by far!) most updated styles of kitchens last year. Less than half who remodeled a Traditional kitchen intended to keep a Traditional style. The top trends for renovation? Transitional and Contemporary. Notably, the homeowners’ collective voice mirrors that of the industry, further solidifying the changing of guard.
Glazing is fading, but blue is on the horizon.
According to the NKBA, gray is hot and the industry expects it to stay that way.  White is similar. Beige, while used last year, is not expected to grow further. Interestingly, blue is a color on the rise. And glazing? Declining. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but homeowners show a waning interest in glazing which has for years been a great profit center for the industry. It may be time to focus on other ways to up profit margins.
Truly the webinar was chock-full of trend nuggets. These were just a few. If you have an hour to spare, it’s a good one to check out.