Technology is improving the way we experience life. It’s incredible that just over 100 years ago, people marveled at the world’s first automobile. Soon we will be passengers in our own self-driving cars! We control our home thermostats, lighting, blinds and appliances from anywhere at any time without batting an eye. It only makes sense then that technology is impacting how we experience one of our most basic needs: water. Check out these tech-driven trends that are stepping up water’s game in homes across America.
Messy hands are no big deal with touch-activated faucets. These little lifesavers capitalize on reliable capacitance technology—the same that is used for smartphones and other touch-activated devices—to make turning faucets on and off easy. Touch-activated technology is even available for beverage faucets that tap into under-sink water filtration systems. You say your client wants to go completely hands-free? Faucets with electronic activation can make it so.
Too hot? Too cold? Temperature indicators get it just right. It’s true. Cold shower surprises are yesterday’s problem with new showerheads that display the actual temperature of the water. Easy-to-read LED temperature indicators afford people the convenience of knowing when the temperature of their showers are just right, and brings them peace of mind that the water is at a safe temperature for their families.
Your clients can kiss sanity-sucking stains goodbye. You read that right. New high-tech finishes give faucets antimicrobial protection that keeps faucets and showers cleaner longer by resisting water spots. No more ugly water stains. Clients everywhere can rejoice!
And to think, these are just a few of the amazing tech-driven trends that are delivering water to a home near you.