Universal Design Combines Safety and Style
Universal Design Combines Safety and Style

What is universal design? Sounds like something you’d see in a planetarium.

You might, if the structure’s entrance, hallways and bathrooms were built with the population needs in mind. The principle promotes the use of product for as many people as possible, regardless of age, size or physical ability; and Delta products have the added benefit of attractive designs.

But it’s mainly to aid the elderly, right?

Not necessarily. Although universal design products help older generations age in place, they’re not the only people who can reap the rewards. Pregnant women, people with disabilities, health issues or safety concerns, can also benefit from these special products, says Clinton Cardinal, Delta Faucet product manager.

Customer’s want to be safe in their homes, but don’t want it looking like a senior citizens’ clubhouse.

That’s the whole point of universal design­—your customers can have both safety and style. Products come in various decorating themes that complement their personal taste. According to Cardinal, the Delta Faucet Décor Assist™ Collection has a hidden-in-plain-sight feature—an assist bar—on the line’s bars, tissue paper holders and corner shower shelves. Each comes in contemporary, traditional and transitional motifs and in four finishes, so no one will know that the gorgeous bar holding your customer’s monogrammed towels will also help them stay steady.

What other bath products are available?

You might also consider decorative ADA-compliant grab bars, Touch2O® and FlushIQ™ technology, the Palm® Shower, or the ActivTouch®, all which come in a variety of styles and finishes.