Upselling a Bath
Upselling a Bath

Flooring is a Must—Why Not Add Heat?

Staying safe in the bathroom is just as important as look and style. Recommend tile-like textures and larger grout lines to provide more traction for toes. And, while discussing options, why not throw out the idea of adding heat? Heated floors keep your customer’s piggies warm and warm feet equal a warm body. This option is sure to increase a bathroom’s “wow factor” and, in some cases, can be added onto a current job without much difficulty. 

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Does your homeowner have champagne wishes and caviar dreams for their bathroom remodel, but their budget more aligns with Ramen Noodles and bologna sandwiches?  Selecting one or two unique, yet economical statement pieces, such as an abstract lighting fixture or antique mirror possibly, can make a big impact without necessarily eating up a large portion of their budget and derailing the entire remodel.

Morning Motivation

Motivation to get out of bed in the morning, especially on cool mornings, can be hard for your homeowners (you too, probably)! Would a better shower experience change this? Possibly. Upgrade your customer’s shower experience with Delta Faucet’s H2Okinetic Technology, which generates a unique wave pattern that creates the feeling of more water without actually using more water. Larger water droplets and a dense shower spray pattern result in a warmer shower experience—something everyone is sure to love.

Just a Splash

If your customer’s bathroom has limited space, or maybe they are looking to simplify their style, decorative tile can offer a modern look, a splash of color and add an element of design. Suggest adding tile to a small wall or a portion of a larger wall. It’s not only easy to clean and will fare well in a humid environment, but with so many tile options available today,  there’s certainly something that your homeowner simply can’t live without. 

No More Guesswork

A full bath is going to need a shower, tub or both! Here’s a chance to help your homeowners upgrade the technology in their bathroom and worry about one less thing—water temperature. Thanks to Delta Faucet’s Temp2O Technology, now your customers can select their ideal water temperature before stepping in.

Powered by the flow of water, an LED screen on the shower head or hand shower alerts the user to the current reading of the temperature sensor. Not the ideal temperature? No problem! users can easily move the handle to adjust the temp, while keeping their eye on the screen until they reach water nirvana. For a more visual clue, check out the three-color indicator: A blue LED screen shows that the water is below 80 degrees; magenta means it’s between 80 and 110 degrees; red indicates the water is hotter than 110 degrees.