What’s In, What’s Out in the Bathroom
Hell-o shower!
Showering has never been more appealing than it is today. Sure, showers are your client’s best bet for getting squeaky clean, but spa-inspired showers have taken the whole bathing bit from blah to bliss and beyond. If the shower isn’t at the top of your client’s list of remodeling must-haves, then by all means show them the way.
Small, but Mighty. Your cost-conscious clients will be pleased to know that all bathroom upgrades won’t break the bank. A simple upgrade to their shower head or valve could do just the trick. Standard showers are easy to enhance with new technologies that provide different spray patterns or that offer more control over water volume and temperature. Some shower heads, like Delta® H2Okinetic® Showers, can even provide the feeling of more water without using more water.
Power Shower. Of course, clients who have a larger remodel in mind can enhance their existing shower by adding hand showers, body sprays or additional shower heads for a more luxurious shower experience. Homeowners are shedding yesterday’s shower in favor of a more modern, multi-dimensional shower experience. The result: a welcome escape for body and mind.
Bye-bye bath?
Where’s the bath in all this bliss? Busy homeowners, it seems, are throwing the bath out with the bathwater. The once-exalted whirlpool bath has fallen to the more versatile spa-shower system. It’s no wonder, really. New shower amenities like body jets allow homeowners to enjoy the relaxation they would have obtained from a whirlpool tub, but in less time. The one exception? The freestanding tub. This bit of bathroom eye candy has homeowners swooning.
Learn more about these shower and tub trends with Delta Faucet Company’s free continuing education course titled The Evolution of Shower Systems: Creating a Spa-Like Experience.