Sarah Fogle keeps renovation real on her hugely popular The Ugly Duckling House blog. That’s what makes her the perfect judge for our Mess Maker contest. Read on to see what makes Sarah’s décor tricks tick.

Mindful Musings
A run, a shower, a morning cup of joe. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s mindful. “When things are peaceful, my mind wanders, and that’s when salad bowls and furniture legs become light fixtures!” she says. She’s not kidding either. Check this out. Gorgeous.

Beer Run
Besides aaaa-mazing design, Sarah considers herself a craft beer fanatic. She’s even been known to run through obstacle courses just to fetch a pint. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Two Green Thumbs Up
Sarah says people too often shy away from incorporating plants into their home décor due to the high maintenance reputation of greenery. All rumor. In fact, there are several varieties that do just fine thank you whether a client’s thumb is green or brown. Just look at the snake plant. Easy. Use them and they will not only spruce up a room, they also clean indoor air to boot.