California Title 20 Water-Efficiency Standards

Due to severe drought, California Governor Jerry Brown mandated water restrictions in an Executive Order issued April 1, 2015. In the Order, the California Energy Commission (CEC) was charged with adopting emergency regulations establishing standards that improve the efficiency of water appliances, including faucets, toilets, urinal flush valves and shower devices available for sale in California.

The CEC’s water-efficiency standards, which are comparable to or lower than the applicable WaterSense® program standards, are noted below.

* Compliant models that flow at 1.75 gpm are in development. Some Delta and Peerless models flow at 1.5 gpm and are available now.

Delta Faucet Company Product Compliance

As noted above, Delta Faucet Company offers products that comply with current California water-efficiency standards. Additional shower devices that will comply with the 1.8 gpm standard are in development.

  • All Delta® kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets and toilets are compliant.
  • All Brizo® lavatory faucets designated with an ECO suffix, and all Brizo kitchen faucets, are compliant.
  • All Peerless® kitchen and lavatory faucets are compliant.
  • Delta, Brizo and Peerless shower devices that comply with the 2.0 gpm standard are available. Compliant models that flow at 1.75 gpm are in development and will be available by July 1, 2018. Some Delta and Peerless shower devices flow at 1.5 gpm and comply with the 1.8 gpm standard.
  • Public lavatory faucets and urinal flush valves that comply with the standards are available in our Delta commercial product line.

Please see below for additional information about the standards and the products affected by them.

California Title 20 Water-Efficiency Standards FAQs

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