Innovation has always been at the heart of the Delta® brand. Our commitment to developing industry-leading products and technologies for the kitchen and bath has helped us grow into one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the plumbing industry. Combined with beautiful design, Delta product innovations provide your customers with a smarter way to experience water.

We believe that certain advertising practices are inconsistent with the Delta brand image as the innovation and technology leader in the plumbing industry. We are, therefore, revising our Delta Brand MAP Policy and establishing a new Delta Brand Sales Policy to better support the Delta brand image in the marketplace.

The Delta Brand Sales Policy (link below) specifies that only Authorized Online Retailers and Preferred Online Retailers may sell Delta Focus Products on the Internet. The benefits of becoming an Authorized Online Retailer or a Preferred Online Retailer are stated in the Policy, as well as the consequences for failing to comply. The requirements to qualify are set forth in the Delta Online Sales Application and Agreement (link below). Companies that want to sell Delta Focus Products on the Internet must complete this application, which is subject to approval in our discretion.

The lists of Authorized and Preferred Online Retailers has been posted in the Where to Buy section. The lists will be updated periodically. Delta Resellers may not sell Delta Focus Products to online resellers that are not Authorized or Preferred Online Retailers but may otherwise sell such products to whomever they choose, subject to all applicable Delta brand policies. The consequences for failing to comply are set forth in the Policy.

As noted in the revised Delta Brand MAP Policy, effective December 8, 2014, the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of 30% below our then-current list price- applies to all Delta Focus Products: kitchen and lavatory faucets, showers, tub fillers, bidets and such other products as are listed with a MAP in the monthly price files. The MAP Policy does not apply to repair parts and accessories. Per the Policy (link below), Delta Focus Products shall not be advertised in any medium at a consumer advertised price below the MAP, nor shall they be sold to any person or entity that is known or expected to advertise them at a price lower than the MAP.

The SKU list of Delta Focus Products covered by the Delta Brand Sales and MAP Policies will be updated as the list of Delta Focus Products changes and new products are introduced. The SKU list is included in the Delta Price File, which also indicates the MAP for each SKU. New price files are posted monthly on this site.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Delta brand and our innovative products. If you have any questions, please contact your local Delta product sales representative.