For easy installation of your Delta® shower unit, you will need to:
  • READ ALL the instructions completely before beginning.
  • READ ALL warnings, care, and maintenance information.
  • Purchase the correct water supply components.
  • (All Documents are Printable)
Caring for a shower door is relatively simple. While there are a wide variety of bathroom cleaners available on the market, most cleaning needs are accomplished with regularly scheduled cleaning efforts using simple dishwashing detergent, warm water, and a clean cloth or sponge.  If common bathroom cleaners sold today are used, care should be used to identify any harsh chemicals that might be included in the products.  A list of chemicals that should not be used is found in the instructions in the glass cartons as well as on our website.

The glass features a special chemical coating on the inside of the shower glass called ‘Spot Guard’. This coating is applied at the factory using a special application process that cleans the glass, prepares the glass surface and bakes the coating onto the glass.  A sticker is used to identify the correct side of the shower so it can be installed correctly.  It's strongly recommended that steel wool or other aggressive scrub brushes should not be used.  These materials can mechanically damage the coating and possibly scratch the glass  if  used on the glass door panel.
How to Inspect Your Glass Prior to Installation


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