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Stem Unit & Seats - 1600 Series

This is the 1600 series cartridge; valve mfg. between 1974-1993. Seats are included with this kit.

Cartridge Assembly - MultiChoice® Universal - 13 / 14 Series

Current MultiChoice® T13/14 series cartridge that began shipping in 2015.

Cartridge Assembly - MultiChoice® Universal - 17 Series

The MultiChoice® T17 series cartridge (2007 - present). The dark, gray cap was a lighter shade of gray until 2016. The adapter and seal assembly is included, or available separately as RP46073.

Cartridge Assembly - MultiChoice® Universal - 17T Series

The MultiChoice® Tempassure® T17T series cartridge (2007 - present).

Cartridge Assembly - 1300 / 1400 Series (04/2006 And Earlier)

Current RP19804 cartridge that began shipping in 2015. It can replace any Monitor® series using an RP19804

Valve Cartridge - Peerless

This is the original cartridge used in the B112900 and B114900 series faucets 2010- 2015.

Repair Part - Ceramic Seats & Seals

Ceramic seats and springs used with RP8230 stem units

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