Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect a portable dishwasher or water filter to any Delta kitchen faucet that is not a pull-out or pull-down design. Never connect a portable dishwasher to pull-out or pull-down kitchen faucets, as potential pressure fluctuations during dishwasher operation may result in the hose rupturing.

Some Delta kitchen faucets have a cache, or hidden, aerator for design purposes. This design can be found in the Victorian, Pilar, and Talbott series. If your model has a cache (hidden) aerator, you will need to order RP51505 adaptor to adapt the internal threads to standard 55/64"-27 male threads in order to connect the dishwasher.

PPU in the model number means that it uses a pop-up drain that contains plastic.

H2Okinetic® Technology sends water through a unique pattern which forms larger droplets of water, making you feel like you’re using more water while actually using less.

Visit our H2Okinetic® Technology page for more information and to learn how it works.

DST in the model number means that this product includes Diamond Seal Technology. Please see our Smart Solution feature on this technology.

Most of the Delta faucets will have the name on the faucet, usually on the escutcheon plate or drain cap. However, it is not uncommon for someone to replace the lavatory faucet without replacing the drain assembly. Some of the older models may not say Delta, but may indicate MASCO on the aerator. If the internal parts have not been changed from the Genuine Delta parts, the seats will have Delta on them and two handle stems that are "D"-shaped.

The WaterSense program is a voluntary partnership program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is designed to encourage water efficiency in the U.S. through the use of a special label on consumer products. In order to carry the WaterSense label, a toilet must use 1.28 gallons or less per flush and remove at least 350 grams of waste as measured by third-party MaP testing. The purpose of WaterSense labeling is to make it easy for consumers to identify products that save water yet do not require a lifestyle change. Delta toilets are WaterSense labeled.

WaterSense is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPIC brand of luxury faucets and accessories was discontinued in 1994. There are no trim parts available, but the internal components can often be repaired using Genuine Delta parts.
The Artistic Brass brand, which manufactured luxury faucets and accessories, was a separate division of MASCO. The Artistic Brass product line was discontinued in 1998. There are no longer any parts available.

Delta Select products were re-branded as Brizo in early 2004. As a part of Delta Faucet Company, your product, repair and warranty information are still the same. For more information about Brizo and our premium collections for the kitchen, bath and shower, please visit

The model number is on all packaging, some faucets, and all installation instructions provided with your faucet. On the packaging, look near the UPC code or the top of the box. On the faucet, a model identification tag has been attached to most models manufactured since 2012. Look for the tag on one of the faucet’s supply lines.

If you cannot locate these materials, you may be able to determine your model number using our Web-based tools. Images of common models can be found by describing them on our website. Go to the Customer Support Section and use the Find Support Information section to identify your product.

Often the outgoing water pressure from a "tankless" water heater is relatively low. As a result, these devices are not generally recommended for use with pressure balanced units due to the possible differences in water pressure from the hot and cold lines. For example, if you were to have 20 PSI on the hot supply line and 50 PSI on the cold, since pressure balancing adjusts to the low pressure, your resulting operating pressure in the shower will be reduced.