Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can enter as many phone numbers or email addresses as desired. These can be configured in the notification settings within the app.
There are several ways to be contacted if you have an alert. This can be configured in your notification settings within the app. At least one phone number or email address is required to set up a device. However, you can select to be alerted via email, text message, and app push notification if desired.
Under normal use, batteries will last up to 2 years. You will receive an alert to change the batteries once they reach 20%. You can also view the battery life percentage at any time on the detector detail page in the app. NOTE: Certain activities require high battery usage and will shorten the battery life. i.e, multiple leak alerts, a detector is offline for an extended period of time, or a firmware update is performed.
Yes. The temperature can be viewed at any time in the detector detail page within the app. (NOTE: Actual room temperature might differ due to location, moisture, cold floors, etc.). You will also receive alerts if the temperature goes outside of the high or low threshold. You can adjust the temperature thresholds in the product edit page of each detector. This is especially useful to alert you to conditions that may be too hot for appliances or that may cause freezing pipes.
The leak detector will only alert if there is enough condensation to form drops of water that reach the concentric rings on the bottom of the detector. Under normal conditions (such as taking a shower) this will not happen.
Search “Delta Leak Detector” in the Apple iOS app store or the Android Google Play store. The app is available free of charge.