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This is the 1H DST cartridge used on most Delta motion DST kitchen and lavatory faucets.

This Euro style cartridge fits the 559LF, 561LF, 761LF, and 4159-DST.

This Euro style cartridge fits the following faucets which are all DST faucets: 592, 592T, 792, 4197, 4297, 9159, 9159T, 9192T, 9197, 9197T, 9997, 9997T, 9959T, 9959, 9959T, and 19922T. It also fits many Brizo models including Venuto, Talo, Solna, and Tresa.

This is the same Euro style cartridge as RP50265 with the exception of the stem extension. This stem extension is available as RP53407. This cartridge fits models 551, 751, 15708LF, 15930, and 17708LF.

This Euro style cartridge is RP50265 and the stem extension is RP51736. This cartridge / ext. fits models 554, 555, 754, 755, and 15930 . The RP50265 without the adapter fits models 553LF, 567LF, 568LF, 597LF, 598LF, 753LF, 767LF, 768LF, 797LF, 798LF, 1997LF, 15714LF, and 15984LF.

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This ball valve is used on 1H kitchen, lavatory, and tub / shower non-DST lever handle faucets. It can replace any Delta plastic, brass, or vacuum breaker ball assemblies. It is commonly referred to the round stem ball.

This ball valve was used on 1H lavatory non-DST faucets up thru 2007 and 600 series tub / shower knob handle faucets. It is commonly referred to as the diamond stem ball.