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Watch as Mike and Hannah walk through the installation of a Broadmoor pulldown bathroom sink faucet. The pulldown spray wand makes quick work of cleaning dirt and small debris from your sink. These step-by-step directions are easy to follow when upgrading to a pulldown faucet in the bathroom. You'll Need: - Wrench - Phillips Screwdriver - Safety Glasses - Flashlight - Towel - Pot or Bucket - Silicone Supply Lines Steps: 1. Mounting Faucet (1:43) 2. Connect Spray Hose (3:48) 3. Connect Supply Lines to Water Supply (4:57) 4. Flush Supply Lines (5:29) 5. Connect Supply Lines to faucet (6:10) 6. Check for Leaks (6:48) 7. Flush Faucet (7:14) 8. Install Push Pop Drain (8:44)