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Installing a Delta® pulldown kitchen faucet with Touch2O Technology is easy. Our friends Mike & Hannah walk you through it in this simple step-by-step tutorial. Tools: - A Phillips head screwdriver - 2 wrenches - Safety glasses - A flashlight - A pot or bucket - A towel Steps: 1. Mounting Faucet (1:15) 2. Installing Check Valves (4:27) 3. Connecting Supply Lines (5:32) 4. Flushing Lines (7:26) 5. Connecting Solenoid Assembly (9:17) 6. Installing Batteries & Checking for Leaks (11:18) Need additional help? Watch these related videos to learn how to uninstall your old kitchen faucet and how to troubleshoot a Touch2O Faucet: How to Uninstall a Delta® Kitchen Faucet - How to Troubleshoot a Delta® Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology -